Travel Stories with Moush

After being a consummate media professional for over 20 years and working with some very inspiring organizations and people, Moush(Moushumi) created Moush Travels – a blog and a YouTube channel where she shared her explorations around the world, her experiences with new cultures and cuisines and her interactions with the most amazing and diverse set of people.

While Moush Travels continues to be an enriching experience, she wanted to expand her reach by starting the ‘Travel Stories with Moush’ podcast, through which every week she talks to a fascinating traveler who takes the listeners on journeys around the world by sharing their travel stories. These stories are not just about destinations but they are also about people, food, culture and how our relationships with the world around us shape our lives. It’s a fabulous guide to satisfy your wanderlust and transport you to the most interesting and captivating corners of the world.