Beco do Batman - Sao Paulo!

Sometimes I wish I was a Paulistano – yes, that's what the residents of Sao Paulo are called. This is Brazil’s city of dreams and once you visit this enormous, cluttered and intimidating BIG city, you realize why it is so treasured and loved by the residents. This gigantic city of Latin America does have it all – art, cinema, music, food and a very happening clubbing scene.

Beco do Batman is usually one place where everyone heads to when in Sao Paulo and I did the same and it did not disappoint. But I hung out a lot in the Villa Madalena area, which to me has the best bars and restaurants in the city and is probably one of the safest areas too.

If I had to give you just one tip, I’d say talk to the locals. The Brazilians are nice and warm and always willing to help.

Can I just say Sao Paulo rocks!