The best sand spa in the desert!

This was Day 2 of my amazing stay at Dunes by Al Nahda in Oman and once again this was one of the best days ever. Its incredible how much you can do in the desert if you stay in a place like this. Ultra modern and packed with the most luxurious amenities, it offers you an experience that will be etched in your memory for a very long time.

Some high points for me were the swimming pool and the spa here. The pool is located so strategically that it gives you the impression of being in an oasis. The sunset from the pool is particularly delightful and ought to be experienced AND makes up for some creative Insta worthy pictures.

The Sand Spa left me quite surprised; this is another one of those ‘must try’ experiences. My treatment started at about 11 am but it all depends on the temperature of the sand which needs to be warm enough for the body to be able to tolerate.

The treatment entails covering the entire body (barring the face) in the warm sand after which the therapist carries out a treatment on the face. 

The warmth of the sand is supposed to be therapeutic as it relaxes and calms the body and coupled with the face treatment, this turned out to be quite a unique experience. But if you are not sure of dealing with all the sand, there are a range of other treatments too. Just remember to make prior bookings coz the spa is where most guests head to during their stay here.

Telephone: +968 9723 5700, +968 9747 9873
Toll free: +968 8003 8637

Open from September to April every year.