Kayaking in Havelock

To me kayaking in Havelock Island has been by far one of the most adventurous yet wonderful activities in my life. Don’t be surprised coz this is someone who’s got water phobia and cannot swim. Sucks, right?!? I know, but 2018 is a year of winning and conquering, or so I have decided. Kayaking in different parts of the world surely has its own charm but Sea Kayaking through Havelock’s mangroves is a dream.

The lush green mangroves of the Andamans include the maximum varieties of mangroves in the world and kayaking through them takes you to another world.

What i dint know and came as a pleasant surprise is that no prior paddling experience, or, swimming expertise is required for this activity.

Sea Kayaking in Havelock felt extremely safe and peaceful and one of the most amazing experiences ever, especially immersing myself amidst the spectacular mangroves.

Must do!


  • Night kayaking.
  • Kayaking on a new moon night.


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