The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo's busy Shinjuku district may not be everyone's cup of tea but there is An incredible show to say the least. It's different, it's colourful, it's quirky, it's loud, it's mad and it's like you are on some kind of a trip(well, a trip of a different kind i should say). Its a quintessential Japanese experience! Its a dinner show but i wouldn't suggest that you have food there. There are heaps of good restaurants in the area where you can enjoy a fantastic meal.

I had heard that the Robot Restaurant sells out on occasions, so, i did make my reservations prior. The show was packed and there were people who were doing their second and third and even fourth visits... whoah! The only downer for me was that there were people smoking inside which was annoying but other than that it was a surreal experience. Definitely go if you are looking for a different experience AND surely if you are an Anime fan.