My first trip to Yerevan has left me in awe! I went with no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised Who would think that one of the oldest cities in the world would be hip, traditional, modern, cultural, historic and a whole lot of fun – all at the same time. This is a city where one can just walk all day and spend the entire day outdoors, especially during the summer months. It is inspiring to see how a city that has been ravaged by decades by war, oppression and invasion still stands tall with pride, dignity and vigour.

Yerevan is a lively city with an amazing restaurant and coffee shop culture and I say, its safe to just call it a ‘hang out’ city. The food is delicious and the wine is fabulous…so, there really isn’t much that one can complain about. The language can be a wee bit challenging at times but it's rather easy to get around despite that. And if you want to explore the rest of Armenia, which I reckon you must, then surely use Yerevan as the base coz every place is just a short distance away from this vibrant capital.